Below is a section of  podcasts and interviews Joya has been featured in.



Ep. 15 "Let Freedom Ring" What steps can we take to REVEAL TO HEAL in our journey of self-love and discovery? Host Tess Cacciatore with guests Kate Batten and Joya Delaney. Joya joins the discussion at the 23:30 mark. 


Joya Delaney brings us up to speed in the spirit world, and why and how we need to work on ourSELVEs.

Movie Reviews and More on the radio with Brian Sebastian on LA Talk Radio, November 21, 2017. Joya joins the discussion at the 20:10 mark.


joya discusses relationships and the changing times.

Paul Padgett of Rockers 4 Wildlife, talks to Joya on LA Talk Radio. Joya's interview begins at the 19:50 mark.


Downloading joy with guest joya delaney

Joya has been called a psychic shrink, a mid wife and emergency worker in that she literally helps people say goodbye to a painful past and hello to a future of joy, prosperity and peace.



Joya talks with Brain Sebastian about helping people

Brian Sebastian talks with Joya Delaney - The Beverly Hills Shaman about her mission to help others and what's going on with the spiritual shifts occurring on the planet.


join life concierge, heidi woolard, as she welcomes Joya

Joya joins The Unsung Goddess, Heidi Woolard, to give an overview of 2015 so far, discuss the epic energies that are taking place in the month of September, as well as what to expect for the rest of the year.