Joya with a “crystal” child and a dear friend, Jose, an Ayuaska Shaman in Peru.

Joya with a “crystal” child and a dear friend, Jose, an Ayuaska Shaman in Peru.

Joya has been called a psychic shrink, a mid-wife and an emergency worker in that she literally helps people say goodbye to a painful past and hello to a future of joy, prosperity and peace.



Joya Delaney has been a healer since 1975 and today conducts workshops focused on wealth, love and personal development, group and private healing sessions, and travels the world as a consultant to stars and politicians.

Using her many spiritual gifts, she helps heal and raise the vibration of people throughout the world. These psychic gifts and artistic abilities began to manifest at the young age of two years old. Recognizing her special talents, her parents had the wisdom to provide her nurturance and guidance to lead her in the right direction. Today Joya feels that early home training and a spiritual base created a strong foundation for the work she does though out the world. Her parents had their own church, which she attended regularly. In addition, Joya has Native American ancestors many of whom she believes were healers.

Joya says, “I used to test my grandparents to see if they would actually live up to what they preached. They never let me down!” Her psychic ability gave her a deeper insight and an understanding of the past that made lessons in history classes and in church difficult to accept. She could see that much of the information that she was being given was not the truth. This started her on a quest for truth in which she learned from priests, healers, and sages that much of the information that people have been taught in indeed misunderstood and misleading. She learned methods of “tracking” back to the past and removing those “lies” from people’s souls – lies we and our ancestors bought that block us from our full potential. 

She has become a powerful channel artist/healer and uses her God-given gifts to assist people to understand global and planetary changes and help people go through their personal transformations as easily and effortlessly as possible.

My first experience with Joya was amazing. I lay on her massage table, receiving a healing session that was unlike any I have ever received. As Joya chanted some mystical words, in the dimly candle lit room, the entire room started to glow with a golden color! I knew it was the presence of Angels. I had no doubt at all. There are no words to describe it... Spacious, ego free, calm, gentle, loving, wise — just Light! I got off that table with the Joya glow, and there’s no high on earth that could compare. By comparison, everything else is hackneyed and frenzied. She has shown me how to attain what seems unobtainable, yet available.”
— Carole Murray

Joya's healing work takes her all over the world

  • She is the Founder and Minister of the Temple of Regeneration in New York City, where she is involved with healing using a variety of modalities (Reiki, Yohti, Okiomi, and other Release work) designed to remove blockages from people's minds, bodies and spirits.

  • The Illumination Honorary Awards is a gesture of respect given to recognize an individual’s significant contributions to the arts, life and the community.

    The Delaney Honorary, one of three Illumination Honorary Awards, is presented to a person that encompasses the spirit of helping and guiding others through difficult obstacles and circumstances. Who acts as a valuable resource and gives unmeasurable service to others.

  • Has a statue of a Peace Angel in her likeness from melted down guns.

  • She has composed two CDs - Age of Light and Hanging Out With The Goddess, both of which are infused with subliminal healing energy technology. Denise L. Cook - The ORACLE, is a featured artist on Age of Light: A Guided Meditation performing “Celestial Message”.

  • Is in the process of writing a new book about her life's work The Beverly Hills Shaman - Your Soul's Power and Wealth Revealed (available in the near future).

Joya, your sesions have given me insight into my Self… I hope to explore my healing and intuitive gifts more in the future.” — Maurice B.
My sister was going down a dark and inevitably bad path. Joya worked on her three times, freeing her from what was pulling her and change her path into a better direction. When the inevitable happened, the resolution was better than I could imagine. The answer was a true miracle. I am so grateful for how it got resolved and the peace and calm that was created. — JC
I’m so happy to report I don’t attract dysfunctional, high drama energy in my life today. Thank You Joya for helping facilitate removing all the old energy that was not serving me. If you are stuck, and are not changing, you’d better go see Joya.” — Stacey Sikkila
Joya, I bow to your Mastery” — Sherry Bizanis
Joya does more than just give readings. She is able to see what is happening beneath the surface, explain your personal story, then assists you with releasing and letting go old patterns of stuckness, blockages and disfunctional behaviors. In essence, she strips away the parts that no longer serve you to reveal the real Light in you!

Her prayers and techniques have helped me manifest money when I needed it, heal negative family situations and assisted me with going from soulmate drama to a happy love life! I work with Joya from the east coast and her phone sessions are just as powerful as in person. — Melody Cassen
In the world of psychics, mediums and seers, it’s all a crap shoot. With Joya, I got lucky! Not only is Joya knowledgable and experienced, she operates with tremendous integrity. Joya is and has a true gift.” — Nigel Gibbs
Joya’s work has helped me and others to understand ourselves more clearly, and why certain events happen in our lives, as well as the world in general. We are taught how to heal destructive issues stemming from past lives, ancestral patterns, or childhoods that still affect our lives. Paramount, and above all, Joya helped me, my daughter and many others to foster a oneness with Divine Creator and to know ourselves as children of God/ Goddess and to have loving relationship with Mother Earth.” — Crystal Huggins
“I fired my therapist after meeting Joya. My life was a mess, she became a nurturing Mother figure to me and guided me to grow into a very confident and happy person. She gives tough love, but she cares and tells the truth. She does clearings that don’t require talking about traumas and dramas. She’s like a psychic shrink, she locates the cause of the problems and blocks, then moves them in one session. She is one of few female Shamans on the planet. She’s the real deal!” — Maria F.
“When I met Joya, I was dying of some mysterious ailment that doctors could not diagnose nor cure. After our first meeting I started on the road to healing and recovery, on ALL levels. The work she has done on my behalf literally saved my life and blessed me beyond measure. Many negative patterns and spiritual issues have been cleared, layer by layer. Each cleansing has transformed me, allowing more light, abundance, joy, peace, and freedom to come into my life, I give thanks for her presence in my life! “ — Balkis Johnson
When I met Joya my life was miserable. I had horrible migraines, there was a heavy weight on me and I felt like I was in an impossible situation where there was no way I could win. After working with Joya and getting through some deep stuff, fighting many of my demons, I have emerged victorious. I am healthy, strong, free and ready to take on the world. — JC
Joya has completely changed my life. There are many who practice (psychics, and healers)  but none like Joya. She takes pride in her work, and has helped me gain a better knowledge behind all she does  Simply put, she’s the Best of the Best! “ — Sora Sylvers