Welcome! Joya Delaney is a gifted international teacher, seer, healer and podcast personality who has assisted thousands of clients worldwide for thirty years. She is intuitive, a natural empath and has been trained by many masters. She helps clients fearlessly step on the spiritual and material path that will lead to abundance in all areas of life. 

Joya does deep Shamanic karma burning ceremonies and downloads new energies of joy, peace and pure Divine Light. She offers prayers that can uplift ones mood, as we are in a serious transition on our lovely planet, and at times we feel extremely stressed, emotional and exhausted. She works on herself, family and clients faithfully. Joya feels she inherited her gifts from her grandparents, who were ministers of their own church, and her parents, who were both teachers.


Joya's monthly group wealth workshops are powerful. She gives attendees spiritual tools, gifts and prayers in order to help heal and manifest goals for themselves, their loved ones, and the environment. Everyone is guided to connect with the divine energies that are coming strongly onto our planet at this time to embrace, not fear, these energies, to love ourselves and others unconditionally and to be in oneness with God / Goddess and the Light! 

Private Sessions

Joya also offers one-on-one in person, or over-the-phone private readings to people seeking insight and healing. Working with clients from around the world, her phone sessions are just as powerful as in person. Clients enjoy Joya's readings, which include numerology, astrology, tarot and angel cards, runes, as well as consulting with your spirit guides to help you understand life, answer any questions you may have with common-sense advice for your daily life, mixed with mystical wisdom. You will achieve clarity about why events happened in your life, and what can be done to prevent negative repetitive events. 

 a few types of healing work joya can assist with

  • Often assists those seeking a love connection, pointing out what type of partner you'd be suited for and does ceremonies to bring in the right mate. She points out the faults in previous relationships so they are cleared and never repeated again. She helps couples achieve greater intimacy and unity, and helps with conceiving difficulties.

  • Can root out the cause of disease and help clients to overcome the effects.

  • Offers grief counseling for those who have lost a loved one, and deliver a message from them.

  • Can assist with financial blocks and negative beliefs surrounding money.

  • Assists with removing blockages with fear in expressing oneself creatively.

  • Assists clients in finding the correct career path to take.

  • Works with issues young people need help with.

  • Works on pets.

If you would like to book a private session with Joya or find out about an upcoming workshop, please click here.

Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

Goddess Quan Yin

Goddess Quan Yin